PASTE 2007

Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering

Co-located with PLDI 2007, part of FCRC 2007
June 13–14, 2007
San Diego, California

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Wednesday, June 13

Session 1: 1:45-3:45PM

     Opening Remarks  (1:45-1:55)

     Evaluating Static Analysis Defect Warnings From Production Software  (1:55-2:20)
         Nathaniel Ayewah, William Pugh, J. David Morgenthaler, John Penix and YuQian Zhou

     Finding More Null Pointer Bugs, But Not Too Many  (2:20-2:45)
         David Hovemeyer and William Pugh

     Group Presentation: Introducing Natural Language Program Analysis  (2:45-3:45)    ppt slides
         Lori Pollock, K. Vijay-Shanker, David Shepherd, Emily Hill, Zachary P. Fry and Kishen Maloor

Session 2: 4:05-5:45PM

     Interstatement Must Aliases for Data Dependence Analysis of Heap Locations   (4:05-4:30)
         Ju Qian, Baowen Xu and Hongbo Min

     Light Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java   (4:30-4:55)
         Ana Milanova

     Heap Analysis in the Presence of Collection Libraries   (4:55-5:20)    pdf slides
         Mark Marron, Darko Stefanovic, Manuel Hermenegildo and Deepak Kapur

     Comparing Call Graphs   (5:20-5:45)
         Ondrej Lhotak

Thursday, June 14

Session 3: 8:45-9:45AM

     Group Presentation: An Overview of the Saturn Project   (8:45-9:45)
         Alex Aiken, Suhabe Bugrara, Isil Dillig, Thomas Dillig, Peter Hawkins and Brian Hackett

Session 4: 10:05-11:20AM

     Case Study: Supplementing Program Analysis with Natural Language Analysis to Improve a Reverse Engineering Task   (10:05-10:30)    ppt slides
         David Shepherd, Lori Pollock and K Vijay-Shanker

     Discovering Accurate Interclass Test Dependences   (10:30-10:55)    ppt slides
         Weilei Zhang and Barbara Ryder

     Refining Buffer Overflow Detection via Demand-Driven Path-Sensitive Analysis   (10:55-11:20)    ppt slides
         Wei Le and Mary Lou Soffa

FCRC Plenary Session: 11:30-12:30

Lunch: 12:30-1:30

Session 5: 1:45-3:35

     AWE: Improving Software Analysis through Modular Integration of Static and Dynamic Analyses   (1:45-2:10)
         Ruben Brown, Roger Khazan and Micheal Zhivich

     Dynamic Purity Analysis for Java Programs   (2:10-2:35)    pdf slides
         Haiying Xu, Christopher J. F. Pickett and Clark Verbrugge

     Group Presentation: Improving Software Quality with Static Analysis   (2:35-3:35)    ppt slides
         Jeffrey Foster, Michael Hicks and William Pugh

Session 6: 4:00-5:10

     Group Presentation: Enforcing and Validating User-Defined Programming Disciplines   (4:00-5:00)
         Brian Chin, Daniel Marino, Shane Markstrum and Todd Millstein

     Concluding Remarks   (5:00-5:10)

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